Warranty Policy

What is covered by the warranty?

Your timepiece is backed by a comprehensive warranty from the original date of purchase against all manufacturing defects. The only components covered under warranty are the hands, dial, and watch movement. Please note that a return shipping fee will apply to all warranty service. The shipping fee must be covered by the customer. 

Used/worn watches are not qualified for replacement.

What is not covered?

The manufacturer’s warranty does not cover the following:

Crystal, crown, case, strap or bracelet, bezel, bezel insert.

Any damage that results from unauthorized or improper service, accident, impact, negligence or normal wear and tears.

Water/Steam damage.

Each genuine Heimdallr timepiece purchased from www.heimdallr.watch is in its original and tested condition and should only be serviced by qualified professionals at professional watchmaker approved by us.

How do I request a repair?

Watch service will require your original receipt as proof of purchase. We will then initiate a repair request, securely package the timepiece, and ship it to the official service center on your behalf. The expert team will analyze the repair needs. A typical repair timeline is 60 days from the date of the approval of this repair quote. Any costs incurred for non-warranty repairs will be communicated for approval before work is completed. If you prefer to manage the repair request process yourself or are not near a store, you can contact us at info@heimdallr.watch

Required for the warranty service is the original invoice. Warranty card is not needed.

If purchased an Heimdallr Watch from a third party. Please get in touch with them for warranty questions. Thank you very much.